Assorted Mallets

by Mike Neumeyer

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This project is an anthology album (CD) that encompasses every recording I've done thus far with the marimba, an instrument like the xylophone with wooden bars set up like the keys on a piano. This album has many tracks written for marimba and voice, a new and blossoming idea.
There is more reason for this album than just documentation. Some of these tracks (Skies of a Landless Horizon and Night of Mourning) are published in written notation and this CD is a way to spread the knowledge of this music. Another track, The Power of Music, is used in a documentary called In Pursuit of Passion, so the album will only help this song reach more people.
Finally, the works for marimba and voice on this album are a "new and blossoming" idea, as previously stated. This combination of playing marimba and singing simultaneously is quite new and is being written about currently. These works will be included in a dissertation that is covering the emerging trend of marimba and voice performed by one player. This document will be written by Doug Smith who is finishing a D.M.A. at University of Arizona.
So, there is already support for the growth of marimba and voice as a musical entity and I love writing music for marimba in other settings as well. I hope this album is just the start of a lifelong pursuance of marimba and voice AND MUSIC!

Thank you: Charles and Diana Neumeyer, Mike Graff, Eric Atkinson, Robert Rosen, Judy Bond, Charles Young, Pamela Luedtke, Lori MacRae, Allison Reichert, Willis Niederfrank, Nancy Zeltsman, Doug Smith, Cort McClaren at C. Alan Publications, my family, friends, fans, and any who have supported my music.


released June 1, 2011

Copyright 2011 – Voirimba Publishing (ASCAP), except for 'Skies of a Landless Horizon', Copyright 2009, C. Alan Publications, and 'Night of Mourning', Copyright 2011, C. Alan Publications. All rights reserved.

All works written by Michael Neumeyer, except 'Secret Song' by John Kimbrough
All instruments and tracks performed by Michael Neumeyer except:
Track 1: – Allison Reichert, flute
Track 9: – Michael Graff, bass guitar/acoustic guitar; Willis Niederfrank, electric guitar
Tracks 1-3, 9-10 recorded and mixed by Michael Graff at Harmonic Distortion Studio
Tracks 4-8 recorded live in Michelson Hall at the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI

Mastered by Mike Hoffmann



all rights reserved